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April 2nd, 2017

winterstarlight: (Default)
Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 03:34 pm
"Let go of your Ego." Father said.
"When you lie dead, you wouldn't be able most of it,
because at the end of the journey, you'll face the choice of letting go all of it.
No one can stand being hated, rejected, or abandoned.
Those who can are the ones who bear a hateful heart, a sorrowful heart,
and when they're unable to let go
they carry their hatred with them.
It's difficult to forgive those who hurt you, does it?"
winterstarlight: (Elegant Gothic)
Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 03:35 pm
Reaching to you isn't simple
Talk is out of the question
I wonder what you're feeling or what's on your mind
I say please and you walk away
A sad sorrow expression
It's hard for you to let things go
What keeps you going on?
Things are not that simple, isn't?
Whatever lights ahead of you is ahead of
Whatever lies behind you, lies behind you
Your heart is hard, like stone crumbling from the crushing past
Try to forget
winterstarlight: (Elegant Gothic)
Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 04:15 pm
You told me once that when you were drowning
Or was that more a pack of lies?
So wipe off that stupid grin
because I think you don't know what I really am
I put your name
on my wall of pain
winterstarlight: (Elegant Gothic)
Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 04:35 pm
I'm sad because people took my love
People can take your love for granted
And then forget who are you
and who you are meant to them
They don't know who I really am
and I don't know who I am either