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April 20th, 2014

winterstarlight: (Default)
Sunday, April 20th, 2014 09:25 pm
She doesn't sleep easy at night
She bid herself in a world full of sleep
She's the angel where
her sorrow has a human heart
and love has a human face
and I know she wants me, thinking I'm someone she couldn't keep

"I bid this world into a peaceful sleep," she said in prayer to me.
"As my heart quietly weeps.
For what kind of grace I can give?
When loneliness is the only life I live?"

She look to the stars to find the answers
She delves in cards of divination in her meditations
but never dream or expects
that the law of probable outcomes
gives her no self-respect

And I know she thought I have the answers
I wish to tell her that two hearts can beat as one
that she needs nothing else, but love and faith
and commitment to the Higher Power...

But as Her Chosen one,
the answer I have for her is none.

And when I told her that I love her,
it usually means there is nothing wrong,
but everything in her life is in sheer chaos
so all I can give her is this song.

But as her angel, what else can I give her
when she cursed her fate and luck?
That the only Truth she has to know
to carry her through life
is that Unseen Love of two hearts
can beat as one.