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April 8th, 2014

winterstarlight: (Default)
Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 09:18 pm
"Only you know of my desires
God only knows how long I waited for you
In my garden of secrets
where in my heart I long and ache for your return

Until then no one will remain here
but only you
Where I nurture the erotic fantasy
of worshipping you at your feet
on my knees
and you will take me into your Heart
Where I lie sighing in your eternity
Drunk in the ecstasy of your presence

My God, my Lord, My Master
You are my Obsession
and my soul belongs to you
take my lust and love
for the only cure to this madness
is your kiss

Take me to your Garden
where you are my dream"
winterstarlight: (Default)
Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 09:20 pm
She was a maiden who awaited his return
The good knight who defends her honor
and went on a Crusades to reclaim the Holy Land
in the name of the King

She was a maiden being seranaded in her tower
being courted by a minstrel knave, a bard whose silvered honey tongue
knows many a good songs
and she listened with rapt attention and obssesion

She was a queen who stood by her husband
He was a King, weathered by storms, aged by conflict
and she loves him, stood by his side
loyally to death, to the bitter end

She pledged her soul to the knight
She pledged her to the bard
She pledged her soul to the king

And though they bid her to free herself from them
For they are foolish men
Seeking riches, glory, and the Kingdom of God
In their quest to reclaim Jereselum

Little did they know that Heaven lies within her breast
Pleasure seeks in her heart and in their beds
leaving much to be desired
Songs, tongues, gold, and power

"Let us go" they said, pleading in their humility
Heaven, her Heaven, they felt too unworthy of such a seat
And life after life, death after death
She stubbornly refused and said, "No, for I love no other than thee."
For she made a vow of Eternal Love
that survives better death after death

Perhaps the faster way to go to Heaven
is through go through her Hell
Lord have Mercy
Do not let your wife to suffer
for your pride and foolishness
for in her Eternal Love for you
She hath not forsaken you
and never will
to the bittersweet end

"My Good Lord, my sweet love, my dear husband
So beautiful, so honest
this is my fantasy and reality
where I will never forsaken my vow
of the sacred promise
the eternal vow of everlasting love.
I love thee forever and ever.
Free me from this life
and bade me to do thy will.

In God's name we trust
May the Lord never abandon us
and I will never abandon you.
You give me this Gift and in my promise
I shall take your soul to heaven and you take mine
in solemn promise, my Cherished Beloved
where we reside in Glory,
Forever united in heart and soul,
Halleulah Amen.
This is my dream."