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March 3rd, 2014

winterstarlight: (Default)
Monday, March 3rd, 2014 10:08 pm
Note: From Jade to Saphir

Thank you.
Thank God for you.
For teaching me what not to do
and what to create and not to create

I hugged you for one last time
For this is the end of our reunion
For at long last, you let me go
in this final good-bye

I wish we talk more
and let our love speak
but I feel disconnected

I really do miss you

But right now I'm on a mission
to save the human race
and because of your love
you saved me.

I'm off to heal the world
to save them.

You probably don't know
what you did to me
for you are who you are
Just being you.

But this is who I am.
I can't believe you remember me
and I'm the one who let you go.

I suppose you wanted to be happy
and my mission is vastly different
than yours.

Bless you.
I'm grateful to you.
If I never met you, than
I wouldn't understand how this experience
feels to me.

And now I'm on a worn beaten path,
made for me alone.