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Monday, May 5th, 2014 09:28 pm
One day, she told me she is tired of me
and wanted to leave me.

I expected it as much.
It has been on my thoughts
for a long time.
It was such a bothersome burden.
Love and beauty can be so fleeting
and my ideal Venus is made of flesh, blood,
and wretched unfortunate desires.

Who would want an enfeebled, old king
lying on his throne to age and rot
to his final dying day?
I had been come empty and rotten in the inside
and yet I live,
waiting for the Holy Grail to revive me.

She used to love my blue eyes.
Having lived inland for decades,
they reminded her of the sea
and when she gaze into my eyes,
she would drown in them.
Now they're milky white with cataracts
and she couldn't bear to look,
and she began to preferred to look
into the eyes of my best knight,
ere she found them more beautiful.

I am only glorified by legends
and tales, and it is only in stories
that I was made youthful, powerful, and immortal
akin that of a God in myths.
Once this body decayed
my spirit will leave
and I too will leave her.

A thousand years later,
as I swim through the sea time and cosmos,
It never crossed my mind to return to her weeping spirit
as she leaps through time from one body to another
Each time she lives
her heart and memories of her past lives dies hard with hate

She forgotten to love once again
and it's my duty to catch her
by choice and forgiveness
she learns she wanted no other knight but me