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Monday, April 21st, 2014 09:26 pm
Dear love,

I know nothing lasts forever
and I know how you cling and hold on everything dear to you

You don't believe in fantasy or if there is a God
or maybe God is a myth and a lie

You can leave and run as far as you like
Perhaps true love don't last forever
and maybe you don't believe me
But I'll go wherever you want
I'll go with you on this journey
to heal you and righted all the wrongs I did to you
and making things right again with my words

For I regreted leaving that time when you need me the most

I had been thinking that perhaps
maybe men these days don't believe in truth and honor
or serving to a greater will, the greater call Higher than their own
or maybe they keep chasing after a fantasy of a quest
that exists in their own dreams like men used to
back in the days where they dreamed of Camelot
the ideal kingdom of virtue, the Christ Kingdom
the other new Jerusalem

Or the truths you told is a lie
out of your own envy and hatred
for all the ignorance in the world
and your heart strive for illusions

Yet you cling onto life still, dear love of my Heart
and every time you learn this painful lesson
I share the pain with you

And I believe your Heart carries a lot of promise
and every untruths becomes your undoing
and for your Heart can never to lie to me
The One True King
Take care of your heart, for you are precious to me
and I'll scold you for every lie you told
and chide you and bid you to do the right thing
and though my love and patience for you is unconditional
I'll love you more when you change your path
and strive to work hard to do right

And if you ran away and think I wouldn't find you
then you must believe me and held me to my word
that for you, I will
and for you, I will find you
in the deepest dark corners of your heart
for in darkness there is nothing to hide
from my wisdom and insight of the Life

There's a truth that runs far deep into our souls
and our love far outreach the stars
Your heart will know the truth of my words
because I carry a love for you
that runs deeper than time

I hold no apologies as I am on my knees
pledging my love for you
and I lay my heart on your lap

I do love you I do I do I do

I'll tell you many stories
of a time where men follow the Will of God
and a time where men are willing to die for Faith
They're the times who had fallen in battle with their brothers
leaving behind widows
Their tempers are great, but their heart is true
and this is the type of man that is built for you
For God have many great things in store for you

Promise me you'll learn believe
and if you're so steadfast
and you're too stubborn to don't care
Then I might as well carry you until you see the light
and the Light is a beautiful light full of beauty and wonder
and God's glory

Eventually, I know that as my voice spoke
to the essence of your soul
that frost, indifferent mask that you wear
will melt away
Eventually a smile would follow
then a joy in your heart
and then you'll to me, "I believe in you"
and eventually, as you held love sacred,
since the beginng of time,
you'll say, "I love you"
and when the days comes,
you'll stop running
and you'll believe in me
as I believe in you.