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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 09:24 pm
Be humble

Here I am sitting on the throne
while yours is empty
Guarded by your best knights
courted by them in your absence

Be loyal

Though I gave into tempation
by giving them a wink and a smile
but it's all in vain for my heart is cold and empty
Bar none
Their love is nothing like your love
where it's warm and light like a fire in the stove
therefore none of them shall my kiss from my lips

Be kind

I busy myself with woman's duties
as a woman should ought to do
as a Queen should ought to do
for her people

Perservere and endure

I often look to the stars
praying for God
for your protection and safe return
The chair at the other side of the table is empty
When I dine and ate alone
and it's a cold spot

Wait for me

This is the kind of woman I am
A woman so stubbornly loyal and true
and so I shall wait for you
and in my dreams
you shall come to the Church to pray with me on time
and at time, we sleep together on the same bed
praying and making love to each other
on time

Because I miss you, my Queen

Come back my Gentle King
like two swans on a still lake
I bring you to calm waters
where our love reflects in the water
and the water reflects the stars in the sky

And I shall return to be by your side once more
because my Heart never leaves you
Have faith, have courage,
and I shall be with you before you know it
Until then, pray for me


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